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Company Profile

We are the largest commercial and used vehicle exporter in Singapore. We also deal in Singapore cars regardless if they are used car or new car, to be exported to other locations worldwide. We have been in the market since 2003 and have acquired many years of valuable experience in our field. Since we carry an extensive assortment of makes and models, you can be sure to find the vehicle you want on our website!nt on our website!

If you are looking at importing used cars from Japan or other overseas countries, we can help you deal with vehicle shipment to import the used car from the car exporters in Japan and other foreign locations. We can also provide shipment services if you wish to export your vehicle overseas from Singapore.

Better yet, by engaging our services, you will be eliminating extra costs and charges incurred due to middlemen or brokers and instead are able to acquire premium quality commercial vehicles and cars at much cheaper and affordable prices!

 In short, by being a used car exporter in Singapore, we deal in buying, selling and shipping of import and export vehicles in Singapore and overseas regardless of whether the vehicles are used or new. Feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any enquiries! click here



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